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What is Bootcamp?
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BootCamp classes are a mix of traditional aerobic and body weight exercises and interval and strength training. They’re designed to resemble a military boot camp – but don’t be daunted, it just means they’re outdoors, they involve training groups of people at once, and they make sure that everyone gets the most out of their training​!

We’ve outlined the benefits of both early-morning exercise and outdoor exercise elsewhere on this website, so check those out! Basically, there are tons of benefits to BootCamp, including physical health benefits (reducing high blood pressure, reducing risk of disease), weight benefits (we can help you lose weight and tone up), and mental health benefits (reducing stress and lifting mood). It’s also a super fun way to exercise which sets you up for the rest of the day and introduces you to some great people.  

Absolutely anyone - our BootCamp is open for anyone, any gender, any age, any shape, any experience, any fitness level! We have a totally non-judgemental environment and we embrace our differences.
  1. James Butler
    I can't believe how much this bootcamp helped me, the first time I went i didn't realize how bad my fitness levels were. However i have been a few times now and my fitness levels have increased tenfold.
  2. Sarah Cole
    Thank you for your help at this bootcamp, I have been a few time and every time has been perfect. So glad I made the decision to book my first visit, otherwise id never have been able to fit in my wedding dress.
  3. Lauren Smith
    When it comes to bootcamps, none are as brilliant as this, the trainers are brilliant they really know how to push you to your limits.
Fitness is not just sports, it's your ability to do day-to-day activities easily.
The Boot Camp Program
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Our Great British Weight-Off BootCamp classes start with dynamic stretching and running, followed by various different exercises including interval training, pushups/situps, press-ups, tricep dips, lunges, planks, burpees, squats and plyometrics. We always end with some yoga stretching to cool down, too. It’s a programme we’ve personally designed to build strength and improve fitness through a variety of intense interval exercises over a one-hour period. We offer nutrition advice, too, if you need it – just come and talk to Angel and she’ll help you out!
Standing by and watching others is the easy part; with us we will help you get involved without pushing you beyond your ability.